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The fact is, if you look deep inside yourself, you realize there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. Perhaps you stumbled across this website because you were surfing the Internet looking for something completely different than this. You are looking for something satisfying–a quick fix. It’s because there’s an ache inside you for something to fill a deep void. And you think what you’re looking for isn’t here.

My friend, the problem is that you are broken. Your insides are tainted with what the Bible calls sin. You’re defying your conscience and rebelling against your Creator. You know there is a God and you know He’s probably not happy with you. You’ve lived a difficult life. You’ve been wronged and you’ve dealt out your fair share of wrongs to others. You’ve doubted everything and not even dared to hope there’s any other way of life but this one. But there is hope, my friend.

The good news is, first of all, that God is real. He’s more real than you. He created you and He knows you better than you know yourself. And although you’re right in feeling He is unhappy with your sin, He made a way for you to be free of it forever. The really good news is that God sent His son Jesus to earth to live the perfect life you or I could never live. That perfect life ended in death on a cross, which Jesus gladly did as a sacrifice for you. He lived and died as a substitute for you (and me). And then, on the third day, he miraculously came alive again! This confirmed everything he said while he was on earth. Jesus appeared to his disciples and many others, and then ascended to his throne in heaven. He is alive today and is in heaven with God, reigning at his right hand.

God knew before He even created you that you would be here, now, reading this– hearing it for the first, or 100th, or maybe the 1,000th time. And He knew that you would believe it and would be forgiven. It sounds incredible, and it is, but if you believe that history, submit to the King Jesus by turning from your sin and have faith in him, then you will be saved. That perfect life that Jesus lived will be credited to you and your sin will be credited to him. That’s why you can be forgiven. And when you are forgiven, that void will be filled. Your deep-down, can’t-figure-out-any-other-way-to-solve-it, shameful problem–the one you don’t want to admit to anyone, and especially not God, will be solved! And I want you to feel this freedom, my friend. I so desperately do!

So grab a Bible, grab coffee with a friend who knows about Jesus, sit yourself down in a church pew, and soak it up! This good news–this Gospel–only gets sweeter the more you learn about it. It likely is very different from the idea of “Christianity” you have in your head. Go find out, I dare you! And then come back and tell us about it so I can celebrate with you, because I was once as lost and sinful and confused as you, and this good news of God’s grace (His unmerited favor) found me!

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