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Christina Fox

Raised in the Washington, D.C. area, I went to college at Covenant College atop Lookout Mountain in Georgia. It was there I met my husband and after we married, we settled in Florida. He’s a hard working firefighter who also has a second profession in the business world. I received my Master’s from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Counseling Psychology and maintain a license in mental health counseling. I worked in the counseling field for about eight years before my oldest son was born.

No longer working in practice as a counselor, I spend my time writing for various websites and publications. I also have two active boys, ages 9 and 6 who keep me very busy! We are in our third year of homeschooling and love it. I am also a Bible study leader, Sunday school teacher, and facilitate a women’s discipleship group.

In my free time I love to read and am always in the middle of at least three books. I also love antique shopping and am a collector of all things old. I like my coffee black, preferably from a French press. It is my belief that chocolate is best dark and in good supply. I also love to travel with my husband of 17 years.

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Longing for Home this Christmas?

We all have a desire for a place to call home. We all search for home. And not just for the holidays. We are always seeking a place to belong, a place to rest, a place of refuge and safety.

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The God Who Comforts

Do you ever go through seasons of discouragement and wonder why your faith is so fragile? Do you ever think that since you’ve been a believer for so long, you shouldn’t ever struggle, experience weakness, or feel stabs of fear?

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When Your Faith Seems Weak

Though the Israelites are known for their weak faith, I see evidences of it in the New Testament as well. In fact, over and over I see Jesus extending grace and accepting the imperfect faith of those he called.

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Helping the Hurting

Do you have friends or other loved ones in the midst of a great trial? Pray and consider the ways you can mourn alongside them, helping without hurting.

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The Gospel and Fruitfulness

When we find ourselves in a state of spiritual fruitlessness, lacking the qualities Peter described, it’s because we have forgotten the gospel.

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When the Future Seems Frightening

As I face my own fears of the future, of certain pain and heartache, I have only one comfort: Jesus Christ. It is the truth of who he is and what he has done that will sustain me through whatever lies ahead.

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When a Friend is Hurting

Because suffering is a human experience we all go through, chances are we all know someone who is currently enduring a difficult trial.

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Why theology matters

What we believe about God, the Bible, who we are, how we came to be the way we are, what God has done for us through Christ, it all matters. And it matters most in our daily lives.

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