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You’re not righteous enough

Trip Lee

Every now and then I’ll talk to someone who says they want to become a Christian, but they seem to think the time isn’t quite right. When I ask them why, they tell me about all of their sins, all of their shortcomings, and all the messed up things they’ve done in the past. I never argue with them about their sins, but I do push back on their assumptions.

They’re assuming that sin somehow disqualifies you from coming to Christ, when the exact opposite is true. Being a sinner doesn’t keep us from Christ; it’s the reason we need Him. If we wait until we look perfect to embrace Him we’ll be waiting forever.

In one of my favorite quotes, Charles Spurgeon urges us to stop looking to ourselves, and to start looking to Jesus. He says:

“O! You say, ‘I do not repent enough.’ That is looking to yourself. ‘I do not believe enough.’ That is looking to yourself. ‘I am too unworthy.’ That is looking to yourself. ‘I cannot discover,’ says another, ‘that I have any righteousness.’ It is quite right to say that you have not any righteousness; but it is quite wrong to look for any. It is, ‘Look unto me.’ God will have you turn your eye off yourself and look unto him.”

Righteousness isn’t what we need in order to come to Christ; it’s what we get when we come to Christ. On the cross, Jesus took the punishment that we deserve for the sinful lives we’ve lived. And when we put our faith in Him, we receive the reward for the perfect life Jesus lived. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s true that we’re not righteous enough, but the righteousness we need is found in Him. No, we can’t forgive ourselves, but the forgiveness we need is found in Him. We can’t just start our lives over, but the new life we need is found in Him. Everything we need is found in Christ! So what are you waiting for? Look to Him now.

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